According to a published in June 2019, Ireland delivered a “Brexit-busting performance” in attracting foreign direct investment in 2018, winning 52% more FDI commitments than in the previous year.

Other factors crucial to Ireland’s strong performance include its economic and political stability, in addition to its continued commitment to the EU. In combination, all these factors serve to increase Dublin’s attractiveness to foreign investors post-Brexit.

For companies seeking to deal with the implications of Brexit and to minimise the uncertainties it causes, Dublin provides the ideal base from which to access the EU’s single market. Post-Brexit the city offers companies every opportunity to grow their business into the future – with as little disruption and at the lowest additional cost possible.


For companies seeking to grow and diversify their Irish footprint, the IDA and assistance, including information and advice on Brexit risks and opportunities, plus financial assistance across R&D, training, employment and capital investment.

The Irish government is fully aware of the complexity of Brexit. It has drawn-up a Brexit that you can download. The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation has produced a , which will help businesses navigate the challenges posed. It provides on its website.

Domestically, The Department recommends that small businesses should get in touch with one of Dublin’s (LEOs). The LEOs can help you navigate your Brexit journey and have produced a guide entitled, .

and also offer support to help businesses examine their Brexit exposure, get advice, avail of customs training and make plans to protect their business. Other expert Brexit advice is available from consultants and . Ibec, Ireland’s largest business lobby group, has published a useful in association with Accenture.

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